New beat guy

I suppose that I didn’t follow Kragthorpe too closely, and because of that I never really had an issue with him. I did like what I read. I don’t think too terribly much of the Trib, and usually, just skim through it most days.

Everyone starts at 100, and then it’s just demerits from there right? I’m curious to see how this guy does, but I’ll keep my expectations fairly low for now.

I couldn’t stand krapthorpe. He was always underhanded in writing about the Utes, taking cheap shots. I’m super happy about him leaving. Hoping the new guy is a good find!


He’s gotten off to a terrible start early, especially on twitter. Last week I advised him to rent, not buy.
In a single article previewing the SDSU game he called Battin Baggins or something else way wrong, had a terrible typo in the headline and then called the Aztecs the Wildcats.

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Ugh. That’s not a good sign!



East Coast sports types (which the new guy is) tend to focus on the negative. I’ll give him a chance.

This all sounds exactly like Lya, who of course was horrible.


Me either. I don’t need sunshine and rainbows all the time and am OK with objectivity, but he was always looking for some obscure fact that he could turn negative on. There’s a reason his nickname was Koogthorpe. I’m rooting for the new guy.


Hey, don’t be knockin on Bagginses, unless they are Sackville-bagginses. Them halflings got the hoppits, you might say.