Need some help moving - any recommendations?

Sorry for the weird post, but I’m sort of desperate, and could use any suggestions…

My mother is living in an assisted living facility in Midvale, UT, and I find myself in need of movers to move her belongings from her current room in one building, to another room in an adjacent building (about 150 yards away).

All the movers I have contacted so far are booked out 10 or more days, and I need to try to make this happen much sooner than that, like tomorrow, Saturday, or Monday at the latest.

  1. does anyone know of a moving company that might be available sooner?

  2. failing that, does anyone know of a couple of strong, willing, available college students, looking to earn a little labor income in the next few days?

There is not a lot to move, a queen size bed, small sofa, chest of drawers, glass display cabinet, etc. All of the little stuff, end tables, chairs, clothing, etc. I can move myself - just need help with the larger furniture. I can borrow a pickup and a furniture dolly.

Thanks in advance for any information or ideas…

We used these guys before and they did a great job. It is a great program as well.

I’m lucky enough to know those people. We use them and refer them to everyone who needs movers. They’ll do a great job if they can book you.

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BM me, but my 17yo son could probably get a couple of friends to help you out and would love some extra cash.

Thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately, they were one of my first calls and aren’t available for nearly two weeks.

Thanks, BM sent…

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Had Other Side over for a quote today. Very professional, but, I think I may try Red Barn Movers. Anyone had experience with them?

How many homes will you have now?

Meant to update this thread. Red Barn Movers & The Other Side have same business model. Basically, troubled adult men/YM looking for a new start on life create their own break and enroll in these programs then get to work improving themselves and their communities.

Had Red Barn move some of our stuff from the house to our temporary home. Took about 3 hours. All furniture no boxes. They were incredible. Hustling like crazy. About $500 for four guys plus voluntary donation. That’s another thing, the tip is actually a charitable donation because they plow it back into their foundation. I’d give them a solid 5 stars. Best moving company and experience ever.

The Other Side did most of the hard work, and their move was a lot more challenging. Two full days. One day packing and one day moving two 26 foot trucks into storage. They were great too. 5 movers for two full days about $5000 plus donation. Id give TOSA 5 stars as well but slightly preferred the communication of Red Barn.

All total about $7000 for 3 days work.

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