Need a program to recover lost files

I had an HDD decide to die on me, or at least mostly die on me. I need to recover many of the old data files. I’m not concerned about the program files, just data.

Does anyone have a suggestion on what program or programs to use to recover that data? Putting the drive in rice didn’t help. :slight_smile:


If it’s an old style spinning disk, I was once told that putting it in the freezer can help break the head loose from the disk. If it’s corrupt, there might be programs that can recover files, but if it’s a hardware failure, you might be SOL.

it’s an SSD, it turns out that the OS was corrupted or similar. Reinstalled OS, and told the install to keep old data. Fortunately it did, in a .old file. So, I’m not as panicked as I was. Although replacing the SSD may not be a bad idea.

When SSD drives fail they frequently do so catastrophically. I’d say you could keep using it but get religious about backing up your data.

I’ve used the freezer trick on spinning discs many times – it’s totally cool.

Yeah – pun intended. :slight_smile:


There are data recovery services but they can be quite pricey. I would first try an open source data carving tool like bulk extractor.

So far so good. I was able to find what I needed. I did end up using the EaseUS program to find the old data. I was able to extract what was important. Now it’s time to set up a RAID, again, on the PC so that data gets save in multiple locations.