Need a Bit of Help

Has the site changed recently? Try as I might, I can’t find the logout tab. I prefer to be a clean desk poster, come, say things, then depart with a logout until my next visit.

If anyone can help me, either here or in a private email, I will be most grateful.

It’s like the Hotel California, you can never leave.


I see it on my phone.

I click on my icon and then it opens a menu on the right sidescroll down to the last icon and it has a “log out” option


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Thanks everyone for your help with something that left me feeling like the village idiot. I must have “leaned” too hard to the right with my Apple mouse and gotten the equivalent of a right click, every time I tried to log out. Voila, amazing what a bit less pressure in that direction can do.

Much appreciated, both the help and the pleasant reception for a BYU fan. Until next time (and next year together in the Big-12). Cam’s injury ain’t fun. I wish him nothing but the best and hope he can come back, if not this year, then next.