NCAA Conference Affiliations for non Football and MBB sports

Some of the more minor NCAA sports like wrestling and lacrosse already have more loosely defined conference affiliations than the more “major” sports. While Football and in a smaller degree MBB drive Grant of Rights and TV dollars, countrywide conference affiliations are only going to hurt other NCAA sports.

While there are only a handful of teams that are really extending the distance to “away” conference games, there are many who have or will be increasing the distance significantly.

My prediction is that Football and probably MBB will have one set of Conference affiliations based on TV money and the other sports will revert back to more traditional regional conference affiliations.

we could only hope… It might well save the mental and physical health of all the athletes from teh “non-revenue” sports - especially FUSCLA and the 2 traitorous PNW school athletes - who are staring at EAST COAST travel routinely (Rutgers, Mayland,with State COllege not much further west)

Chip Kelly suggested the same thing. John Canzano wrote a good article quoting Kelly and Chris Hill. Hill indicated that there are many coaches of other sports very concerned about what will happen with their programs.

The TV people barely account for MBB. They could care less about the other sports. Revive the PAC12 for non-revenue sports. I would even include MBB. The way it works with the Final Four of a great.


We already have some of those formed. Like Sun Belt Conference Soccer