NBA playoffs thread

I understand if most here aren’t dialed into the NBA playoffs. No judgement.

But there’s a 22 year old who is making plays that draw comparisons to MJ, to Kobe: Anthony Edwards of Minnesota, aka “Antman”

6-4 / 225 guard, explosive athlete with a great touch, handles, pulls down most rebounds near him. 3 game, midrange, plays ferocious defense and can finish at the rim. Think of a 6-4 version of Donovan Mitchell, with longer arms and better fluidity.

I don’t know what his vertical is, but he threw down a dunk vs the Jazz earlier in the year where he was throwing it down from 4 feet away from the hoop, didn’t appear to touch the rim, took off 10+ feet out off two feet, over the top of 6-10 John Collins.

The Nuggets don’t have anyone who can guard him. He backed down Caldwell-Pope, then spun around him for a layup, like KCP was anchored to the floor. Late in the game, double-teamed, he spun into a fade away 18 footer, elevated really high, nothing but net.

Charles Barkley right after the game: “I’m speechless. Wow.” (How often is Barkley speechless? I haven’t seen it before.)

It’s pretty special to watch. 43 points at Denver, Wolves take Game 1 in the Western Semis. 3rd game in a row where he scored 35+ on the road… in the playoffs.

A star is born.

I loved him in Top Gun