Nate Johnson and Zemaiah Vaughn

Plenty of game- ball performances last night, including both lines.

But I like what Ludwig is doing with Nate Johnson, 4 star QB, sprinter, Elite 11… basically #4 on the depth chart after camp. JJ asks whatever he can do to play, is picking up the RB nicely. Apparently Nate was the scout team QB for the first half, then was moved into the depth chart with JJ learning RB full time.

The package for Nate was simple, but devastating, and sets up all kinds of fun options moving forward, including a double pass with Rising flared out. We’ve really seen nothing, but that 10.5 speed by itself puts enormous pressure on opposing D’s if he escapes contain.

On the other side, Broughton had a nice game, highly effective, but Vaughn made multiple clean bat downs. 6-2 / 180, long. Last year I didn’t know how fast he was, but the run down vs OS was legit, and KW says he’s a sub 4.4 guy.

We were commenting during the game on the game Vaughn was having. It’s great to see him fully recovered from the late season injury last year and making a huge contribution.


Oh, there’s no doubt that Z. Vaughn was amazing! He was kind of everywhere on the field - it was great to see!