Nashville PD releases body cam of explosion

I am about 45 minutes from the explosion and it really has messed up our region’s internet and communications. This whole thing is weird.

Watched it replayed on CNN. Just wow.

Glad the police were able to get the innocent folks out before the boom.

The bomber also helped evacuate the area before the explosion with a pre-recorded message.

Not that I condone blowing up public or private property, but appears the bomber did not want to take anyone’s life.

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I’m interested to see if we learn more or this turns into another Las Vegas Shooter where we don’t know the motives.

Yeah from what I’ve read he was upset about 5G.

We went from G to 2G to 3G to 4G, personally I didn’t see anything wrong with the increased speed, it only brought more convenient things to my life. So I’m not understanding the beef with 5G.

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I’m curious as to how the thing was made. It’s amazing that you can access that technology. As to extremists viewpoints, it’s also disturbing how much they’re propagated.
Looks like it could have been remarkably more fatal. The police performed valiantly and saved lives no doubt, but the guy also knew how to damage the AT&T building.

41 buildings have some structure damage. He had a license to use explosives from what local news have said. It’s odd but it looks like 5G may be his weird thing.

I would have never questioned the safety of 5G but now because of this incident I’ve looked into it and I’m not so sure 5G has been proven to be safe.

I’m getting along just fine without it, I’m going to hold off on upgrading my phone.

Not good

I wouldn’t have believed her either.

Law Enforcement did everything by the book.

The lawyer referenced in the article is not a criminal attorney. He’s suggesting more should have been done but he’s obviously not well versed on search warrants etc.

You have to have probable cause a crime is being committed or is likely to be committed to obtain a warrant. Statements from people without corroborating evidence are not probable cause.

Well, if they didn’t mess up they sure as crap can’t keep their story straight. The department has a bad history of trying to bury mistakes and really the coverup is always going to be found: “In the aftermath, The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said Warner was “not on our radar” prior to the bombing. But a Metro Nashville Police Department report from August 2019 shows that local and federal authorities were aware of alleged threats he had made.”

Most people would understand if that story had come from MNPD but they let others tell their story.

But that’s really a misconception of the public.

In this case one agency investigated, contacted the FBI who said they had no information.

At that point the case was closed. That’s 14 months ago. He’s likely not on anyone’s radar.

I think people would be shocked the sheer number of calls police departments get about someone possibly doing something. It’s not rare, and most are false and not criminal.

The real take away here, IMO, is once again our complete lack of a comprehensive mental health system, which often is left to law enforcement by default because no one else wants to deal with those in crisis.

The good news is the woman who reported it got a psych evaluation. It’s almost as if they didn’t take her word for it and now we have businesses who probably won’t come back.

It’s weird how they made sure she got hauled off for the psych evaluation. Also, it’s a BS excuse to say it’s left to law enforcement more so in Nashville. The MNPD messed up and continue to mess up. Always someone ready to make excuses when they don’t do their basic job of to protect and serve. If it was on the North Side in the projects and a guy had a dime bag they would have forgot “probable cause.”

It’s left to the police throughout the country.

If you really want to have an open minded discussion on the failings of the criminal justice system, and of the country’s health systems I’m all for it.

But you have to come with an open mind, and reading your posts it appears you’ve already made up your mind.

I am open-minded. The MNPD had 10 press conferences and never mentioned this. They purposely left it out of everything and have now started spinning when reporters found the records. This is a cover-up. If they were upfront I wouldn’t be as mad. Also, we are more concerned about executing the Drug War in the south than worrying about our crazy militiamen and domestic terrorists. Also, don’t get me started on how lazy the TBI and FBI are on these things.

The job is hard (I agree), it should be higher paid and they should hire better people. We have a very bad police system. I’m not a “Defund Police” guy. I am a “Reprioritize police” guy.

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Which is ironically what the ‘defund the police’ people generally want. It’s a very poorly worded slogan.

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I know UteKing but that gets lost in translation so I just started making that statement instead.

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If law enforcement believed everything they were told about former significant others, we’d have a lot more businesses shut down than are currently shut down in Nashville. It would be a complete disaster.

Not true but I know you like to troll