My wife went to Costco early this afternoon

They had TP but no paper towels. Weird.

Even stranger, they were out of rotisserie chicken. I thought people were hoarding staples, not something that will go bad in a few days.

I went to Costco today, too. The only thing out of the ordinary was a guy just inside the door who offered to wipe clean the cart handle.

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I went to Costco in WVC today at noon. No TP, but didn’t need any. Still have 10 double rolls. Bought food so my daughter on the Keto diet would be able to eat. Lots of meat, lots of veggies, no carb foods.

Should been given a discount simply because I was actually shopping and not hoarding.

Had sirloin steak and wilted lettuce leaf salad for dinner for the kid. Added baked potato and corn on the cob for the rest of us.


If I had a last meal it might be Costco chicken and a two liter bottle of coke zero. I have eaten at over a dozen Michelin starred restaurants the last year but screw them. No competition.


We went to CostCo yesterday. They were out of a couple of things but it was really chill, especially for a Saturday. We picked up all the items we needed and had great parking. My guess is all the nutjobs from last week got their stuff and were locked inside their houses.

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The odd one I’ve seen the last two days is the pillaging of the fresh produce. You want to stock up for a possible long haul so you buy up all the cucumbers you can find? Really?

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There were 500 people in line at the Sandy Costco when they opened today

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I’ve had a lot of those moments recently.

So true story in the hilarious reactions to the hysteria. We have an ‘adopted’ grandma in my neighborhood. She is homebound but we help her out with a few things. She has a LOT of health problems, so a good reason to shelter in place and avoid stores etc during this time. So I was asking her what we could get her from the store to tide her over for a few weeks. She asked if I would get her some Depends. When we buy them for her I’ll buy a month’s supply typically. So when people saw me filling my cart with diapers, just like flies to a potato salad people started coming around to see what I was stocking up on with a confused look like, “Is this something I’m going to need?”

No you idiots, unless you have bladder control issues you don’t need them.

One other thing to consider for all of the hoarders out there right now, and those perplexed the shelves are empty. I knew a guy who had done significant work on JIT (just-in-time) supply chains for grocers in the western US. One time he told me that if supply chains got cut off each store had about 24-48 hours worth of groceries in them. So, shelves getting empty by panicking people is no surprise. But if everyone just chills out and resumes normal shopping behavior the shelves will also be FULLY stocked within 24-48 hours.


I wish our Costco’s got to sell hard alcohol like they do in Arizona. I would’ve stocked up on Vodka, V8 Juice, Tabasco, Lemon pepper, Real Lemon Juice Concentrate, Worcestershire Sauce, and pickled asparagus spears.

Someone said drinking Bloody Marys would keep you from getting sick. I do not believe them, but any excuse for morning drinking works for me. :wink:

Cheers :clinking_glasses:


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went to two stores today - no toilet paper or milk. Same as Saturday.