My thoughts on the game

I’m not surprised, or angry that we lost this game after being up 21-0.

The play calling in the second half was just super super bad.

The defense in the second half was bad as well. They let the same two guys beat them over and over again and nobody thought to try to stop them, particularly their tight end. All they had to do was stay glued to him and we win that football game no problem. Also, zero pressure on the QB in the second half, pathetic.

Offensive line still sucks, but it did get better. Still not convinced Harding deserves to have a job right now.

Bentley is a mixed bag. Based on the fact that their one linebacker was in on nearly every play, I have to assume that Bentley makes it pretty obvious who he is going to throw to. His decision making is very poor at times. On that 3rd and 2 where he threw the ball to Jordan, Kuithe was wide open a few yards down field. He generally makes poor decisions under pressure. That being said, he’s clearly better than what he showed against USC.

Anyone know what happened to that official that got plowed over at the end of the first half? Hope he is okay, it looked like he was out cold.

Also, Thompson appears to have a head injury, then as he walks off the field Whitt slapps him in the head. LOL

I’m excited for the future of this team.

I think it was a sound guy from the tv crew who got knocked out cold. The broadcast at the beginning of second half said he was walking around and speaking somewhat coherently.

Should have been a penalty on Washington.