My thoughts about the current state of College Athletics

I am not a fan of all this realignment. While I think BYU vs Utah should play every year. . . I hate that teams aren’t even playing other local teams. I wish the Pac12 didn’t move at all, UCLA/USC belong out west with Oregon, Washington, Utah, and Stanford.

Honestly, the only Pac12 move that makes any sense, is Colorado rejoining the Big12 and their old Big8 rivalries. But honestly, Pac12 was a fine place for them.

Case and point - Texas A&M, I don’t think they have played Texas, Baylor, Oklahoma, or Texas Tech in 10 years. These teams should be playing eachother!

TL;DR – I am not a fan of the conference relaignment this go around. Especially because it seems like it is being driven by the media rights deal. I am just going to enjoy this season and hopefully see the Utes beat Baylor in person.

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