My response to a BYU fan

I spoke with a great friend of mine who happens to be a big BYU fan this evening. He was very, very excited about the Cougars start in the B12 (which translates to one conference win) and was drunk enough on his success that he said it was a possibility that they play in the CFP. After one win.

This was my response:

You spent too much time responding to something that idiotic.


Yeah, no kidding. At maximum it deserved a “Cool story, bro!”


Responding to the likes of that guy is like playing chess with a pigeon. I’d doesn’t matter if you are Bobby Fischer, the pigeon is going to knock over the pieces, crap on the board, then strut around like it won.


:rofl: Thank you for helping me end my day with a hearty laugh.

Now that I think about it, you’re really describing what we used to call “Poppinga victories.”


Classic! hope you don’t mind if I steal that analogy.


They don’t even have votes in the AP poll. A couple in coaches. I heard someone say, “if we beat Kansas, they are a really good team, and that would show we are CFP capable.” They didn’t. Now beating a middle Cinci at home is pandamonium in Provo? My BIL wants to make the Texas game ‘interesting’. I just can’t feel good about taking advantage of him so easily.