My Daughter (again), Weddings and Ramblings

First off, thanks for the kind words about Jesse’s passing. As some of you know, I’m licensed minister that does weddings, ala, KTown and Lynne, this was a post about a wedding I did today. It’s not anything philisophical, it’s not anything really. It’s me writing and I’m not really good at it. If it goes into my brain, it goes out of my mouth. Or in this case, my fingers. This is a copy and paste that I hope about a wedding that I did today. I really needed to do it. And one thing ironic. And maybe it’s rambling again but,

Thanks for letting me be a part of your day, Kara & Taylor. It was so much fun marrying not just the two of you but Kara’s 3 children and her and Taylor. It was so fun stepping back and letting their love for each other come out. And it got emotional and that’s OK, in fact it’s beautiful.

Typically I step back as the couple exchanges their vows. The spotlight needs to be on them, not me. They agreed that exchanging vows or promises wasn’t really what they were looking for on this segment so we agreed that they were just going to talk about a few things. That talk brought both of them to tears as Taylor expressed his love for her and Kara described going through cancer and a mastectomy. And how he was the rock. A successful software entreprenuer that basically let his company run itself while he took care of her. By the way, that’s a reason I’m not tagging either of them for this post. Their story, not mine.

I was moved by how Taylor, a 35-ish year old successful businessman showed his love, and took care of her and took care of her (now their) kids through this. I wish I could convey how the raw emotion each of them had in them came through. How I’m still batting 1.000 when the groom says he’s not going to cry and my response is, “the ones that say they won’t always do”. It’s true, it’s fine and it’s my place to support you but not butt in. And by the way, it was beautiful. And how, after Taylor gave one of the most emotional and heartwrenching “talks”, Kara asked if it would be OK if she gave him a hug right there. Man, I wanted to give him a hug too.

It was so much fun. And it was slightly ironic. Millcreek Inn is an excellent venue. They have an amazing setup crew and are very professional with the infrastructure that goes into a wedding. Typically on a wedding, the count is spot on. All of the seats are full. That’s what you want. Tonight as I scanned the crowd during “the walk” I noticed it. There was one empty seat. That seat wasn’t empty. It was Jesse there with me.