My Client's Austin City Limits on PBS this weekend. Check it out

Check him out. He’s from Canada but has that Western sound.

This is another video that gives you an idea of his sound in full song:

I’ve been listening to him. He’s pretty good. Reminds me a little of Hank Jr, and some of Waylon.

I love ACL. I wish KUED would do something similar with the shows at Red Butte.

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They may want to but the clods in the audience there that talk to each other throughout the shows in a demonstration of total disrespect of the artists probably makes sound editing too hard.

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I agree. The crowd at Red Butte is awful. I went to Lord Huron last summer and 98% of the crowd had no idea who they were but the show sold out in minutes. The only way to see a show at Red Butte is to show up early and get really close. That is where the fans are, everyone else is just eating cheese and talking over the show.


This has always stumped me. Why go to a show or concert only to spend your time talking or using your phone.

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Newest song: