Music defines a town or region. Love this from LA Times

Love the Spotify playlist they made.

Only one RHCP song?! This playlist is indeed credible!

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Only heard a couple of these songs. Seems like the cut off was circa 2000 and later which is truly a forgetful era for popular music.

Thus the statement “New L.A.”

After I read “…written by Courtney Love…” I was outta there. They can have their “new” LA.

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Everyone knows that Billy Corgan wrote all of Courtney’s songs!

Too bad he didn’t sing them too. But at least she has her guitar “playing” going for her.

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Where did you read Courtney Love?

Boy they must have done a lot of production work on her albums, because she is awful live.

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The guitar is just a dancing prop basically. But the singing is pretty rough.

Speaking of bad live singing, imagine needing to correct this in the studio. Mike Anthony was an absolute life saver for early Van Halen based on his vocal harmonies alone.

I love Diamond Dave, but he was never much of a singer. (But I will admit his glottal harmonic on the screams is still pretty cool 40+ years later)

Then turn the volume knob to off.

Oh no! This became Gen X music review.

LAT Entertainment (latimesent)

“Malibu,” written by @Courtney Love, her @Holerock bandmates & collaborator @Billy Corgan (@SmashingPumpkin), seems to soar as if from the hills of its namesake locale.

Love recalls the many inspirations behind “Malibu" for @LilEdit’s piece on L.A. songs:…

Oh. I read the actual article On the website and missed that because it was so far down. When I saw Morrissey I knew it was getting further back in time.

Edit: Sorry. I guess I should have read the full article.

Ha! I had a hard time finding where I read it the first time!