Munir McClain is a Ute


SC transfer

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This is great. We need all the WRs we can get. I feel like it’s all riding our on offensive line now.

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New transfer: Munir McClain, a 6’4" WR transferring in from USC. Big kid with a big wingspan, not known for his speed. 3 stars out of HS.

Played 2 years at USC but didn’t see the field a lot. Had knee problems, and there was a curious suspension regarding his filing for pandemic unemployment relief wrt a side business of buying and selling collectible sneakers. Has 3 years left. It was time for him to move on.

That screams “Management Potential” to me.

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great add

but he has a crappy first name :slight_smile:

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From everything I can tell, this issue is an indictment of the NCAA and its confusing, self-contradictory, ever-shifting rules and nothing else. Everything this kid did was totally legit from a legal perspective - and an NCAA perspective as well, by any reasonable interpretation.

I also wouldn’t discount the possibility of the screw-up being entirely on USC and/or its compliance department.


Agreed. Let these kids make some $.

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