Mountain Dell Golf Course for Sale?

My wife is taking an XC ski clinic from TUNA (The Utah Nordic Alliance) at Mountain Dell Golf Course this winter (and really enjoying the recently unusual amount of snow).

She told me this evening that there is a real estate sign on the course and I thought she was kidding but did a google search and sure enough, there is a listing with Summit Sotheby’s listing.

I believe Salt Lake City has run this course all of my life, and assume the City has owned the land since it was purchased to develop the water system at Mountain Dell reservoir.

After a few quick google searches, I have not located any news publications with any information indicating the city was selling the properly.

Anybody have an information about this?

I don’t really play much golf anymore, and probably won’t take it up again, although decades ago I played a lot and loved that course. I do love having the XC skiing program on the course, and sort of assume that it the course is sold, and presumably becomes a private golf club the skiing is not likely to continue.

I guess I’m sort of stunned at this news.

The Summit Sotheby’s link to Mountain Dell is a reference to amenities in the region. You can also get the same information on Bonneville Golf Course, for example. They also show similar links to private courses, including one of which I’m a member of and we’re not selling anything. I’m curious what the sign is referring to. I’ll make a couple of calls in the morning but I don’t think it’s for sale (thankfully).

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That makes sense, and if that’s all it is, it’s a relief. I’ll be interested to hear what you learn.

My wife and I skate ski there all the time and would hate to lose this treasure.
I would imagine the revenues are fairly handsome since all the grooming and maintenance is done by dedicated volunteers from the Nordic Alliance.
They do amazing work and contribute greatly to the sport and industry.
So happy your wife is enjoying XCS! It’s a wonderfull all-body excercise that I find easier on an aging body than running. The wildlife this year has been stunning. We’ve seen a mother moose and baby a number of times, multiple turkeys great birds in the sky, hares, ferrets etc. We heard there was a small herd of elk down by the creek a couple weekends ago but we missed


The real estate pressure on our canyons is a legit concern.

I’ve long dreamt of having one of those cabins on the south side of Parleys, way above I-80, and the fairly recent rumblings about a mine opening up above the Little Dell exit is a little concerning.

Along the Wasatch we need to be in preservation mode a lot more. The people pressure is getting pretty intense.


It’s not for sale.

That property cannot be used for anything else. It’s entirely in watershed.

I’ve got very close ties to city golf and especially that course, it’s business as usual.


Updates: The sign your wife saw was a promotional sign for the Salt Lake City Open golf tournament, and the real estate brokerage firm Summit Sotheby’s is the presenting sponsor of the tournament. There’s no plan to sell off the course, so there’s nothing to worry about. I hope this helps.


It does, good news, thanks!

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…but will the sponsor be providing beer? :wink:

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