Most Ute Super Bowl Team 2024?

I don’t give a darn about the NFL but we do tend to go to a watch party at friends. Which team this year has the best Ute representation and I’ll root for em.

Most years I know but I’ve been totally tuned out this time. :man_shrugging:t2:

Baltimore - Huntley and Marcus Williams

The only other player is Wishnowsky for the Niners

Alex Whittingham is a coach for the Chiefs.


I’m cheering for the Ravens regardless. Them having 2 Utes there is a HUGE bonus.


I may be in the minority (I don’t know), but I’m really getting sick of the Chiefs.


I was surprised to learn that they have been to 6 straight AFC Championships. That’s a pretty damned good feat, even with a weak AFC West. That said, I wouldn’t be upset if they didn’t make the playoffs next year.


I like the style the Ravens play. Tough D, a conservative but productive offense. Jackson wreaks havoc when he gets out of the pocket. Maybe the best kicker in the league. A pretty balanced team, overall, really impressive depth. They just keep coming at you.

And they have the better Harbaugh, without a doubt.