Most underrated NBA player

Only NBA player in history with 16,000 pts 8000 asists and 1500 steals to not make the AllStar game. Missed only 3 games in 17 year career due to injury

Andre always flew under the radar in the NBA. He wasn’t the flashiest, but he quietly racked up a ton of stats.

Even at Utah I rarely saw Andre dunk, he was old school and would lay it off the glass. Strong, quick, long arms, he was an offensive rebounding machine at 6-2, hoovering up rebounds and putting them back in and headed back downcourt before half the bigs knew what happened.

Then in the NBA I saw a highlight where he came down the lane for a hammer dunk in traffic from waaay out… it was shocking, I never saw that part of his game before. Somebody must have pissed him off.

Those numbers are unbelievable, especially missing only 3 games in 17 years? That’s hard to wrap your mind around. I know lots and lots of workers who miss 3 days in 2 months.

Amazingly efficient player, rarely put on a show, but was part of the storyline of most games.


Miller and the ol’ man



Andre is my favorite Ute of all time.