Most of us are not prepared for the snow down here

But some of us are:

Not a bad idea. He seems to be doing better than folks here when snowmaggedon hits. Here it sometimes looks like Black Friday store rushes, or a crash in NASCAR.

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We have about 2 inches of ice with a thin layer of powder. Basically Snow Angel weather. No driving recommended.

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I love watching novices drive in snowy and icy conditions.

It’s astounding to me how fast people go on snowy, icy, inclement days.
Why anyone would be going the speed limit on the highway when that is the “speed limit,” is a mystery to me, but I am egregiously outnumbered in this state.

Ice on the road scares me. Snow is easy to handle, ice is far from it. Yeah, hope you all stay warm and safe.

It’s not just Utah. Even here, where snow and ice scare folks, they still have no clue about speed or sudden movement.

I was born in the Mountains and taught to drive in snow. I don’t mess with ice.


Growing up I lived on a fairly steep street with a curve that went into a dip. It was a winter tradition to watch cars slowly spin through that corner and then down the hill until finally bouncing through the dip.

Beyond the dip was an even steeper portion of the street that people in the know avoided in a storm. It was also entertaining to see cars sliding down this very long hill sideways.

Ah the memories.


Ever have frozen possums?

Poor thing messed up.

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Neither frozen or thawed.

So true.

We really don’t get freezing rain in Utah. The first time I encountered that… yeah, just pull over and hope your sleeping bag is in the back. That’s horrific stuff.


What language is that guy speaking? :slight_smile:

:grinning: Come down South, it’ll make sense in time.

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See @LuckyUte I travel for this reason. This fine gentleman is speaking a very distinct Louisiana accent but not to be confused with New Orleans. More up north in the state. The way folks speak in the Dakotas, Montana and Wyoming is weird to me but this guy sounds pretty normal to me.

I thought it was pretty easy to understand as well.

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Every now and then I run into some pretty thick Southern that’s hard to understand. Most of the time it’s easy to follow now. In my case it may help that I’m mostly on the I-95 corridor and there is a pretty good mixing of dialects from the Ea. Seaboard. I’ve been in W. Carolina where there was strange looks going both ways in the conversation.

Well that’s Appalachian and I married someone from that region who does translations for me. Black folks in the South and Los Angeles have very similar since so many from the south moved west.

New Orleans accents are this weird accent that sound like a New York, Baltimore and Southern Hodge podge.

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Sleet and freezing rain…STFAH!!! If out…STFWYA!!!

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