Morgan Scalley

How do you guys think he would do as a head coach? Is he the heir apparent to Whittingham? It would be wonderful to run Kevin Sumlin our of Tucson on a one-legged donkey after this season is over. My first choice is Urban Meyer but I’m curious about how Morgan might do.

I think Scalley will be a great head coach. I just don’t think he is quite there yet. I imagine he’ll get a lot of looks from smaller schools. If that’s the case he will get necessary experience as a head coach - then bring him back to Utah in five years.

At least that is my hope - we have a new AD, and if the AD is still around when Whittingham retires he may not be as willing to look at Scalley. Time will tell. But for now, Scalley is a beast and probably won’t leave Utah unless a decent program came after him.

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Harlan wouldn’t hire a guy with zero D-1 head coaching experience.

I think he is the heir apparent. That will become more likely the more we have successful seasons like this one.

No way Scalley gets the nod when Whit retires, but if he sticks around long enough he’ll be the HC.

Scalley is 40 years old. If he wants to test the head coach waters now is the time. I’d hate to see him leave, but I wouldn’t want to see him not get to his goals.

Note that Kyle has been HC here since his early 40s.

I think he would make a fine coach. He has the motivation and organization to be successful. Utah is always going to be a unique place to recruit to he gets the type of kid to go after. Urban was great here but he also burned a lot of bridges with high school coaches because besides Paul Kruger, he ignored the local kids.
I think Scalley would be a very good hire and unless there is a sure-fire winner willing to come here, Scalley is the guy to pick. He would be mini-Whit.

If Arizona beats Arizona State, does Sumlin get another year?

He’ll get a third year regardless but in my opinion he should have been fired after the blow out loss to Oregon St. He shouldn’t have been hired in the first place but now that he’s here he’ll get at least three years to make us look like crap.

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I think that Whit was more like 46 when he became head coach. If Scalley is 40, and assuming Whit stays another 5-6 years, he could more into the same spot as Kyle at about the same age.

Not sure it will happen, and I certainly don’t want to personally make that hiring decision, but let’s face it; this is Salt Lake City Utah! While all of us on this board know what a treasure this place is, and granted that the school is now paying much better than historically, how many TOP NOTCH/ SURE FIRE coaches are going to take this job?

How long has it taken us to try to replace Majerus?

When Whitt leaves, my guess is that a Scalley, who would probably be happy to retire here, is reaching coaching heights good enough to hire him to work into the head coaching position, as Whitt did, why would wouldn’t we?

Kyle turns 60 on Nov. 21 and has been HC for 15 years, so I’m sticking with my early 40s story. :grin:

Checked my facts: Yes, he was born 11/21/59, and was named head coach sometime in December of 2004, or perhaps early January 2005. In any case, he was 45, not the 46 I recalled.

5 years, or 6, does not really matter to my original post. If Scalley is currently 40, about the time Whitt’s
preported to retire, 5-6 years, Scalley will be about the age ~45, that Whitt was when he took the post.

I stick by my story, and if 45, is early 40’s you’re entitled to stick to yours. :slight_smile:

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