Mixed emotions about this technology

Not to get off the subject on this, but long ago when Google Earth was first launched I was showing a group of people I worked with how it worked. I asked a co-worker her address and we looked it up and there was a white car parked in her driveway. I joked, “Look Karen (actually her name - before it was a pejorative), you have a visitor!” Everybody laughed and we moved on. Later in the day I noticed that she kept bringing it up and looking at her house. Finally I overhear her - she has called the police, “There has been a car parked in my driveway for a few hours now that I don’t recognize… I’m looking at it on Google Earth as we speak…” Then she hangs up the phone sheepishly. She had thought it was a live camera.

Interesting stuff. Like you @LAUte I’m a bit ambivalent about how I feel towards this tech, but you have to admit it is amazing tech. I am a bit glad that the views are radar vs visual, but still.

When google got the pictures of my dad smoking in the garage…