Miscellaneous Rose Bowl

I purchased two Rose Bowl tickets yesterday via a phone order. I’m Level 6 so I had to wait until 10:00 a.m.

A few years ago I asked the Tournament of Roses how the selection was made as to which schools marching band got to play the national anthem, they stated the football team with the highest ranking:

I assume there will be a Utah float in the Tournament of Roses parade, escorted by the marching band. Can anyone confirm?

What about a Moment of Loudness?

Oop’s, looks like I missed a previous general purpose Rose Bowl thread which is where I should have posted this.

Both Utah and Ohio State have floats (my cousin works on both of them as well as about a dozen other floats for the parade)

I hope ours is just a big block U like on campus made out of red roses. With former Utah players riding it (better if they stood than rode benches :wink: ). Or we invited members of the Ute tribe if they wanted to participate. Just not the guy with the ASU sweatshirt haha.

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