Mirrorless Cameras for Live Sporting Events? Yay or Nay

CBS is using a mirrorless camera on the sideline for the Cardinals vs Rams game that’s on right now. It’s used to deliver a cinematic view of the field, foreground in sharp detail, background blurred out soft focus.

I think it’s unnecessary. Anyone else notice it or like it?

It looks video game-ish.

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I agree. Hope it goes away.

So many dumb things have stayed. NBC’s stupid green zone between the line of scrimmage and the first down line. I don’t even like the yellow first down line for live play, or the score, or anything other than the full picture during a play in football. There’s so much time in football where the ball isn’t in play that the score can be shown, it’s unnecessary to have all these graphics during the play. The first down line can be shown during replay. The line of scrimmage line doesn’t need to be shown, ever, unless it’s a replay of a play where the QB may have thrown beyond the line of scrimmage, that’s the only play it’s necessary and that happens about one out of a hundred games, once.

I liked it, especially when there are no fans in the background