Mike Leach going to Mississippi State

Leach is a caustic personality with a shelf life. Wherever he has gone, when he moves on there is usually a bit of a sigh of relief. Honestly, if it weren’t for the winning, his personality would’ve gotten him run within three years basically everywhere he has been.

Finding a coach to go to Pullman isn’t as much of a challenge as it used to be back in the day; and they have had some good ones. It may be in the middle of nowhere next to the armpit of Idaho, but P5 is still P5.

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Not sure Mississippi is the place for that.

How weird would it be if Jay Hill went there from Weber State? It would be the second time they took a coach from Weber. Mike Price had enough success at Weber to get to WSU then his success took him to Alabama where a strip club was his undoing.

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Think they have fat little girlfriends in Mississippi?


I certainly hope so. That would make me want to attend.

I’d like to see Kalani go; for several reasons.

Sure it is. There’s no completion

If he was the Utah coach you’d love him

Leach never beat his rival at Wazzu. Ute fans couldn’t handle 8 straight losses to the Buffs.


He would be hard to “love”. I’ve never liked him and never thought he was funny.

Replacement on the palouse. Rolovich from Hawaii inbound.

I see what you did there.


if you missed it Leach’s offense had 0 points against UK last Saturday.

I listened to the MSU postgame and Leach said he needed to purge some malcontents off of his team. It took those around WSU about 3 years to get tired of Leach’s act, it seems like its only taken 3 games in Starkville. His next two opponents are TAMU and Bama. Stay tuned I guess.