Mike Leach doesn't hold back

Got anything else you’d like to say Mike ?

Remember his “fat little girlfriends” speech?

There’s a lot of great stuff of him on YouTube. Personally, I like the guy (despite his asinine relationship with the Orangutan in the Oval Office) and think he is a solid coach.


It was a funny soundbite, but Leach seems to be forgetting that the head coach is ultimately the one who defines the culture of the team. Calling them out as “fat, dumb, happy, and entitled” is more a poor reflection on him than anything else, imo.

I got tired of his shtick a long time ago.

Generally when our team has a rough game and fails to meet expectations, Whit pretty much says that as a team, the players and coaches both need to get better.

Leach thinks he’s the next Coach McKay.

He’s not.