Michigan to the SEC?

I’ve even heard rumblings of a combo of Notre Dame and UM to SEC, which is kind of funny since that would knee-cap the Big 1G brand-wise. The SEC adding Texas, Oklahoma, Michigan and Notre Dame will make the Big 1G additions seem JV

It makes more sense than U$C, UCLA, Whoregon, and Washington joining an East Coast Conference.


I would laugh like hell if that happened. Congrats Southern Cal, you just joined a league that got knee capped.



My favourite part of this web product:

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Sounds like some evidence made UM gun shy:

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I sometimes play the old EA NCAA football game (where you can move teams around between conferences each year).

Sometimes will do things like re-create the old southwest conference (all the Texas teams), or put Florida State and Miami(FL) into the SEC, put Nebraska and Colorado back in the big 12, etc. .

Think next time I hit the off-season break I’ll just run a routine to randomize all the teams in the game and put teams wherever they land.