Message to the Team

I wrote this to a friend and colleague immediately after the death of Aaron Lowe with thoughts for the team and the rest of the year. Now that the year is over I re-visited it and send it along without changes for whatever its worth.
This has been not only a truly remarkable year for an exceptional group of young men, but also all the people that work with them, for them and share inspiration on and off the field.
So I’m going to put this out there with the hope that we all continue to develop and nurture something precious and valid amongst each other as fans, family and friends of the University of Utah and the spirit of sport.

           **On Grace**

I want to speak to the heart for a moment about the things we do for each other
How we have the capability to both engender and disenfranchise each other
How hard it is to be decent: let alone sublime
How teamwork requires a team
How the most gifted among us cannot win a game on their own.
the qualities required for a contributing member of a successful team is the ability to be selfless and gracious to those around them.
to work hard and with intention.
So it is true in business, art, civic, relationships and more ethereal matters.
To inspire and be inspired!
Be your own hero/Be a hero to others.
To create singular intangible moments, simply because one is aware and paying attention.
Be humble in the face of praise and forthright in the face of adversity.
Be brave and strong.
Enough to ask for help.
To strive and not to yield.
To be our own better angels.
Honest and fair.
In short; to be a warrior
Not living vicariously in adoration of others, but to seize our lives.
Navigating our past to direct our own futures.
Venturing into the unknown requires trust in a compass and reason.
Choose friends and mentors wisely.
Daring to dream, while finding kindred spirits with other dreams along the way.
We know we can do this alone, but it’s more valuable to do it with others.
We need each other to help each other up.

It’s not about the game. It’s about the heart, the mind and the spirit.
There’s nothing you can hold for very long.
Make it count.

Go Utes!