Meanwhile, back at the other bowls

So, if we loose to the most exalted ream from California we get relegated to a mid-level bowl below Utah State and BYU?
Can someone more informed explain?
I hope we trounce them.

Bowl Projections for All 41 Games Ahead of Conference Championships | Sports Illustrated

Um…the Alamo Bowl is not below the Shiny Rocks Bowl and the Frisco Bowl.

I assume though that you were being facetious.


Umm, it’s SI. Not sure that they’ve been accurate for a long while.

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Let’s just go win the game on Friday and bypass a roadie to San Antonio.


No, I honestly didn’t know, but I’m triggered by the whole “USC & Washington are amazing, but the PAC sucks…” bias.


Got it.

Washington is whining about Utah “backing into” the title game. I believe that if we lose the game to Southern Cal, then Washington will be “backing into” the Rose Bowl.



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Washington should have beaten a terrible ASU team. They only have themselves to blame.


Ok, so would these scenarios be right for the Rose Bowl?

  • Utah wins and is in
    USC would drop, so Ohio St. would be in CFP and Penn St. would be the opponent
  • Utah loses
    USC would be in CFP, UW would likely be ranked higher and be put in as a replacement (over Utah - probably not high enough to be other NY6, so likely Alamo). If TCU wins, Ohio St. would be UW’s opponent. If TCU loses (or Mich or UGA - both I think very unlikely), Ohio St. slips into CFP and Penn St. would be the opponent.

Pretty nice for UW backing in, having not had to play Utah or USC but still have 2 losses in conference play. At least UW, Utah played Oregon while USC missed UW and Oregon. Hence how we won the tie-breakers on SOS in conference.

I think in all of this, Oregon falls to Vegas or Holiday, right? With Oregon St. and UCLA below that. Suck it DTR.

I don’t really see any other scenarios so Rose Bowl is going to be:
Utah v Penn St.
UW v Ohio St.
UW v Penn St.

San Antonio is not a bad landing spot. It is definitely better than the Juarez Donkey Bowl, the Shiny Rocks Bowl, or the Frisco Bowl. Yes, it would be nice if we got a bowl game closer to home, but beating the Burnt Orange Teasips to a pulp might be cathartic.

Then again having absolute “revolution” happen with all four in the current Top 4 losing would be extra entertaining, too. Figure we control that destiny in one of the games this weekend.

Anybody else on board for rooting for a tossing of the table?


No, because that would get Bama back in the picture.

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What? You don’t want LSU, UGA, Bama, Tenn final 4? :wink:

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What is the Shiny Rocks Bowl? I like shiny rocks…

Juarez Donkey Bowl… Haha! Which one is this supposed to be?

Shiny Rocks = New Mexico Bowl
Juarez Donkey Bowl = Sun Bowl

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