MBB tonight …. at 9:00pm?

Seriously. Are they just trying to kill off in-person attendance?

I think we’re out. If someone’s interested in my 2 tickets kick me a board mail. Just not up to getting home at midnight on a Monday.

It’s like the old “Big Monday,” except with fewer giant sweaters.

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9 on a Monday :man_facepalming:

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Another TV problem.

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Where is it on TV?

Pac12 Mountain.

So…not really on TV then…

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Looking pretty solid so far against the Ice Tea’s. Nice ball movement.

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USC lost to Florida Gulf Coast University by double digits tonight

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I’m streaming it on my computer.

Provo Ice Cream Parlors

Liking it it so far. Good ball movement. Players are still coming together.

Definitely more depth and versatility.