Maybe I'm getting old but this just seems reckless. Why would you do this?

my wife and I hiked the narrows when my wife was 3 months pregnant. In retrospect it was a dangerous and stupid decision.

Fwiw my wife is a runner and she her docs always said she was free to except use as she pleased as long as she felt comfortable and she shouldn’t increase it suddenly start a new exercise. In other words if she was a runner she could keep running, if she never really ran before she shouldn’t start. My wife ran until about 7-8 months with each of our kids. The only damage we can detect is they’ve turned out to be smart and talented with great eyesight, which couldn’t have been different from me.

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I can see maintaining an exercise routine while pregnant, but running a half-marathon at 9 months? Scary. At that point you dont control the timeline. I cant imagine how the race allowed her to run?

At least she didnt start the race pregnant and then finish the race with a new born in her arms :slight_smile:

You might want to read this again and look at the photo. She was 9-months pregnant when she ran the 5.25 minute mile, but she’s not pregnant (or at least definitely not 9-months pregnant) for the half-marathon.

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