Maybe I'm a cynic but suspect our bssketbsll continues to young

When I look at the number of kids that leave after a year or two it makes me wonder why some of the talented kids are leaving.

No idea what my sibling thinks. I’ve ceased all communication with him. Left him a $1.20 in my will to br paid out over 12 months.but I digress I suspect he still loves Larry since he did text me after we beat Kentucky. St 0500 hours. Radio silent after SDSU.

I have been as critical of this staff as anyone over the number of transfers, but when I really think about it there have only been 3 or 4 guys leave and do anything at the program they left for: the kid that went to Kansas, Devon Daniels and Donnie Tillman and Chapman. Each of those guys had the talent to help the Utes. I’m guessing each left for their own distinct reasons.

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And Tillman has already missed two games this year for violating team rules.

You probably know this as well as anyone, sometimes the talent on the court isn’t worth the issues off.


Interesting, I hadn’t heard that on Tillman, makes me feel a little bit better about his departure because I really liked him as a player. I do know (or heard) that Devon was trouble from the get-go.

This modern era of college hoops could easily be described with a picture of a revolving door. Kids come in the door, then spin right around and leave. It’s really bad to see it happen, too. Regardless of what these kids think, 99 percent of them are not, and will never be, NBA material.

John Thompson used to have a flat basketball on his desk as a discussion aid to remind recruits and players at some point their basketball playing days were going to end; and hopefully they got their degree so they were ready for that day. This is the story these kids should be hearing.

The fact so many of these kids are blind to the fact that when they are done playing college ball, they are done playing ball, period is a testament to the failure of the kids parents and coaches along the way. Instead of making the game fun, they were going all “Marinovich” on their kid trying to win the lottery - their kid playing in the NBA. I just hope these kids don’t end up seeing the “Marinovich Results” play out.

Enough from the soap box.


it sounds like the NCAA is delving into the transfer portal and tweaking it for the better, making it more difficult for some players to leave and immediately play the next year

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This article was from last summer and it didn’t seem to have an impact on QB’s transferring and gaining immediate eligibility.