Massey rankings: 2023-24

Utah is ranked #3 after Saturday’s games, favored to win all remaining scheduled contests.

That’s flattering to the Utes, but I am still keeping the Kool-Aid locked away in my kitchen cabinet. :grinning:


Everything should stay locked up until we have won the CCG.

I don’t want to have to root for anyone’s help to get to the CCG again this year.


It went our way last year for sure, but that 24 hrs going from an estimated 17% chance to getting into the CCG game was as great a football stretch as I’ve ever experienced.


When I see Cam body feint and go the other way with confidence I’ll start sipping the juice. Knees are funny things.

If Cam is going to be limited I’m excited to see where Nate can take this team.

Either way it is going to be an exciting year of football and I am going to try to enjoy the ride rather than worry about where it will end.

Looking at the Massey rankings there is Texas right below us- I’d be pretty nervous facing them. They looked strong against Bama. I don’t think Barnes would get it done vs TX.



And enjoy our last year in a league that I have thoroughly enjoyed, am extremely sorry to see fall apart, and which will likely turn out to he the best the PAC has been top to bottom since we joined (and probably many years before).


Utah is ranked #3 after Saturday 9/16 games, favored to win all contests but USC and Washington.

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Strength of Schedule jumped out to me. 17th overall and tops in the P12.

This year’s schedule is BRUTAL.


That is 17th in games played; 7th in all scheduled games (SSF).

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PAC has 6 of the top 10 season schedule strengths. It’s a tragedy that the conference is being dismantled. :neutral_face:


Utah is ranked #5 after Saturday 9/23 games, favored to win all contests but USC and Washington.

That’s not bad but I don’t know why Oregon would ever be a dog to us this year.

Utah is a likely 2 point victor in Salt Lake according to the algorithm.

Gotta love home field altitude advantage

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I count the Utah game really a toss-up. It’s funny they have SC with a toss-up against Utah but also giving them 3 losses. So possible 4 losses. Be a shame, wouldn’t it?

Also, click on FSU’s projection and they have that Florida game as a tight one. Massey has no trust in Michigan.

The algorithm rates Michigan’s strength of schedule at 134th, the weakest schedule of the top 40 teams.

True but that shouldn’t make them a 38%ish against Penn State and Ohio. I watched the Bucks vs Irish and I’m not so sure it’s a good call to chalk those up as losses. Penn State is looking like the team from that division.

SoS is not the only factor in this win probability calculation.

Oh I get it. I just disagree with the model’s predictions.

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Utah is ranked #13 after Saturday 10/28 games, favored to win all remaining contests but Washington.