Mandalorian (spoilers ahead)

How good was that season finale?!?? And boba taking Jabbas throne?!

It was pretty great. I worried about season 2 sputtering but not at all. The series has even drawn my wife in who watched it once with our kids and then had to go back and watch the whole thing.

It is pretty compelling story telling, and really eclipses the entire franchise except the original three movies.

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It’s been fun. We have netflix and amazon prime, and it’s impossible to find any series that is decent and is TV-14 or lower. The Mandalorian has been great. My kids wait for our after dinner Friday night Mando date.

That said, I think season 1 was much better than season 2. Star Wars has made 1 great thing - the original trilogy. Everything else - the movies and cartoons - has muddled the product and tainted the story (throw Rogue One in with the original since it was good and also didn’t change the story).

Season 1 of the Mandalorian was great in part because it didn’t allow in any the taint of the prequels, the post-quels, the clone wars, or rebels. Season 2 started to feel the effects of the expanded universe. Dark saber, Mandalorian politics, Boba Fett (who is definitely dead), Ahsoka, the Empire, and Luke. They did those things well. Ahsoka was cool, and so was Fett. But season 1 stands on its own and is better.

They also gave Baby Yoda a name, which was too bad.

Two things about the final episode: (1) all the rescue pew pew ended up being superfluous because Luke was on his way and would have saved the baby on his own, and (2) I really thought Mando was going to give Baby Yoda his favorite little silver ball toy at the end.

I’ll almost certainly watch some of these new series they are making. I’ve seen everything else Star Wars. I hope they are just as fun.

I’ve misled everyone who hasn’t seen the Grogu naming episode that his name is Yodu. Then when they see that it is Grogu I tell them in the next episode it is revealed his last name is Yodu. We’ve taken to calling Baby Yoda Grogu Yodu.