Man, the men's BBall program at NMSU get more strange by the day

Remember near last Thanksgiving one of NMSU’s players was shot on or near the UNM campus? Seems that the coaching staff did some hiding or obfuscating of some of the evidence. Since it’s an ongoing investigation there isn’t a ton of public information. But ESPN says that this is the case.

Then this morning I read on a different site, and reiterated by ESPN that the men’s BBall program was suspended indefinitely recently. The coaching staff is on paid leave. There seems to have been issues higher up at the school too, like the President and some other higher up were dismissed by the NM Regents.

I’m half reminded of SMU’s reaction the NCAA infractions in the late '80s. MY, this is my interpretation is that NMSU will burn the program to the ground and start over with new staff and players.

I seem to recall that NMSU has been in trouble in the semi-recent pass with the NCAA for recruiting or institutional control violations. So those added to the current system are why I believe NMSU will start over with the program.

Linky below:

All of their players are jumping in the portal. I know some of them are turds, but I can’t help but think one or two might be worth a look.

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