For all of the great offensive improvements Ludwig made this year, he sure appeared to go in the tank last night. It looked like ARod was calling the offensive plays for the game. Moss up the middle isn’t working!! For god’s sake try something/someone else.

Because the OL couldn’t block for ■■■■.


So it’s back to “Fire Ludwig!” then?

Was it ever not?

I saw that more on the OL and the Oregon defense than Ludwig.


Then stop with the Moss-up-the middle that was going no where.

Ludwig took us to 11 wins and developed Huntley into an amazing QB. I’d say we accept he is a pretty damn good OC even though we laid an egg last night.


I agree. He’s not the same Andy from 2008. My guess is that last night he was looking down at the field and trying to take what Oregon was giving us, and that wasn’t much. I have no idea why he thought hitting the middle of the line would work eventually. Maybe he thought Zach would wear Oregon down after a while. If so, that idea I didn’t age well as the game wore on. We saw no fly sweeps. There must be a reason for that. Anyway, I don’t think the play calling was the problem. We got blasted at the line of scrimmage both ways. That was a real shocker to me, especially for our “elite” defense.

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