LSU up 20 at the half

If this holds up Alabama will plummet all the way down to number 4.

False, LSU will move to #1 and Bama will stay at #3. Any other scenario is simply ludicrous.


It’s not looking like it will hold up. Alabama is rolling right now and LSU has no answer.

We’re going to lose.

It won’t be because Bama is not getting favorable looks from the refs

Oh My!

Joe Burrow and this LSU team is incredible to watch.


Y’all want Sark as your OC? I think we’re done with him.

I would think you would be done with your DC.

And it ain’t over yet.

And LSU with a huge defensive blunder.

And I still predict they will plummet to number 4.

USC must be so happy with their choice of Helton over Ogeron.

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That last Bama touchdown looked like a gimme by LSU. It tighten the score to make the Bama loss look more respectable. On Tuesday, it maybe the difference between Bama being ranked ahead of Oregon and Utah instead of behind them. Could there have been a “wink and a nod” collusion between the two coaches to fix the score?

Conspiracy theories are now a popular American pastime. I am throwing this one into the mix.

You haven’t watched Alabama much this year or the two years before. Our 4 WRs are insane at their separation and route running. Tua’s pick at the end of the half and fumble really put them in a hole.

Now, why would that be, on a Utah/PAC-12 board?

Fair enough. I guess I figured people watched top 25 teams play. I’ve been known to stay up and watch Hawaii late kicks though. So, maybe I’m a bad example.

Yikes. Good prediction.


I just listened to sports guys tell us that Alabama is one of the four best teams because of the “eye test”. Inspite of the fact they won’t win their conference. What a bunch of horse hockey.

Now I don’t know if Utah is on that level, but I can say that back in 2008 I saw the result of that narrative, and at that time Utah was definitely better.

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Alabama is not the Alabama of 2008. The difference in recruit and buying in is a complete 180. Not winning a conference I get is a bug a boo. Again, I am not saying Bama deserves in the playoff. That said, I would agree they look like one of the top 4. Their QB went for 400+ 21 days after ankle surgery. I can’t wait to see what he does in whatever bowl we get when he has time to heal.

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