Lowest Price for Each Conference Championship Weekend Games Ranked

Interesting to see the values of tickets for Title Games.

LSU vs. UGA SEC Title Game Lowest Price $197
Army vs. Navy (Not Conf Champ game Obviously) Lowest Price $157
Baylor vs. Oklahoma Big XII Championship Lowest Price $46
Virginia vs. Clemson ACC Championship Lowest Price $45
Louisiana-Lafayette vs. Applachian State Sun Belt Championship Lowest Price $46
Ohio State vs. Wisconsin Big 10 Championship Lowest Price $40
Utah vs Oregon Pac 12 Championship Lowest Price $28
Cincinnati vs. Memphis American Athletic Championship Lowest Price $27
Hawaii vs. Boise State Mountain West Championship Lowest Price $22
UAB vs. Florida Atlantic CUSA Championship Lowest Price $12
Miami of Ohio vs. Central Michigan MAC Championship Lowest Price $10

I can’t WAIT for the PAC-12 CCG to be in Vegas next year.

Getting to Levis Stadium at 5pm on a Friday is an absolute nightmare.Going to Vegas is simple from everywhere.


The Rose Bowl is a pain to get to but at least it’s The Rose Bowl. Everything about going to Santa Clara sounds awful.

Yea, that’s a horrible site for that venue, but it’s California.

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PAC12 championship game moving to Vegas will be a huge improvement. Weather, access and the general allure of Vegas will make it much more desirable.


Happy to see the end of the Santa Clara experiment. It was great that Larry recognized the need for a neutral field. I just don’t believe this one was the right one. It’s not that it had a built in bias, it’s just not a destination locale.

The move to Vegas next year should be a serious improvement and push up actual attendance.


I love that it’s going to Vegas. That said, I’m torn at it just being Vegas. The SEC is just in Atlanta. I wish we rotated between Atlanta and New Orleans. I hope the Pac 12 considers Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, State Farm Stadium in Glendale and SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles. Maybe on 2 year rotation.

Maybe I’m wrong though and y’all prefer Vegas every year.

Nah Vegas is a great fairly neutral site for all teams. It also has the benefit of generally good weather plus there is the added advantage of plenty of other attractions and activities to draw in fans. It is a perfect spot for the basketball tournament as well as the championship game now that the facilities are in place. It is a win-win location all around.


Cool. I get that. I guess going to Atlanta every year just gets repetitive. I shouldn’t project my feelings About the SEC on y’all. I am just not a huge Vegas guy.

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Las Vegas has always been a HUGE draw. Back in Utah’s old WAC/MWC days, they had the hoops tourney at the Thomas Mack Center (UNLV’s home floor) for a long time and always drew good crowds. Teams started getting frustrated at having to essentially play a road game when they drew against UNLV in their part of the bracket so they moved the tourney to Denver for a few years (somewhat close to Colorado State, Air Force, and Wyoming, but at least not on a team’s home floor) and attendance was sparse. Moved it back to Vegas where it’s been since that time.

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I would be going this year if it was in Vegas.

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Allegiant Stadium will have 70k fans and SRO for this game starting next year. Vegas is cheap and simple to get to from anywhere. Fans will come for the game, even if their teams aren’t playing.