Looking for work? (Job Board)

I have observed that from time-to-time those on this board know of available jobs. My son is a self-employed videographer and editor. He has state of the art equipment and has worked on both national and local productions. His industry, like others, has been hit hard. Where he had numerous jobs and was considering hiring a couple of extra folks three months ago, he now has nothing on tap and there are very few opportunities right now. He has shot and edited music videos and also created content for athletic departments, the Professional Bull Riders Tour and many businesses. He has worked on projects for television networks and media companies. He was introduced to what he is doing when he became a videographer for the football program at the U. He has worked football and other sporting events for ESPN, Fox and the Pac 12 Network. Here is something he is working on. If you are aware of anything, please contact him.

Have you looked into the UU hospital system? I know they employ graphic artist and video folks. We are all doing more home teaching videos for pts, staff etc…
Maybe his work with the Athletic Dept will be a beneficial aid to contacts with Administration?
Just a thought.

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