Looking for some tech advise

I’m getting frustrated with Windows not updating properly. I don’t want to spend the money for Apple products. So what I’m thinking is installing a Linux based OS.

So those who use Linux, what do you like and dislike about it? Which version would you recommend? I played with Red Hat long ago, but really haven’t done anything with Linux since. I’ve been reading about Ubuntu, it seems to be the “biggest” version out atm, and the one I’m leaning toward. I do have a question about running Office, and a few other things that are generally Windows based, what do you guys recommend?

Ok, I realize that this can be a rather in depth discussion that is created via a couple of questions. I’m curious about your views. TIA.

I’ve used Linux, Windows, and MacOS. Plenty to like/dislike about each. But if you’re going to be wunning microsoft office stuff, I’d just stick with Windows. It’s the easiest. I personally didn’t feel that switching to Linux was worth the hassle.

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I agree with sancho, there is no real panacea. I have not used any version of Linux in a decade or so, so I cannot speak to which is the best of breed at the moment, nor can I speak to recent improvements in running Office on Linux, but my guess is that you will invest more time in trying to get everything running the way that you want, verses trying to address you windows updating problems.

In my experience, for the average user, Windows is as stable a desktop platform as you can find on the market.

What sort of issues are you having with updates?

I can’t get Win10Pro to update from build 1703 to anything newer. I’ve been through the updater troubleshooter, rebuild the WU database, etc. Run update assistant, etc. Regardless of, in the recent past with 1903, and last night with 1909 it gets to ~60 installed, then stops. I don’t recall the exact error, but it has something to do with sysprep.

The troubleshooter says nothing is wrong. SFC finds no errors, etc. Short of a fresh install of Windows I’m at a loss. I really don’t want to do a fresh install, and reinstall of all programs and x-fer of data to a new drive.

Install Mint (with Cinnamon desktop). I currently run Debian, but Mint has a much cleaner install. Don’t look back. I maintain a windows computer at my church and it is horrible. I need a bottle of Woodford Reserve just to get near that thing. Any MS office documents can easily be opened and worked on in Libre Office. After running Mint for some time, check out some other distros. Check out distrowatch.com . I think there are some other distros that have a good install (e.g. Ubuntu, Manjaro) but I’ve been using Debian on and off since somthing like release 0.8 and I always run back to it. But I wouldn’t suggest it for a first install.
Good luck. Post your questions here and I will try and answer.
You will also want to lean toward the command line when possible.
/chapter: Introduction / COMMAND LINE

You can always dual boot. Just make sure to install the linux distro AFTER installing windows (or just on top of your current windows install).
Also can install in a virtual machine (e.g. virtualbox) and try it out that way.

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I use Linux professionally and even working in a Windows shop today I run Gentoo Linux in a virtual machine so I can have the tools I prefer to use to be efficient.

I do have to say Windows 10 is probably their best OS since XP, and while upgrades from Win7 or Win8 are less than wonderful, a fresh install or new machine should be just fine.

Linux has come a long way as a desktop system but its best feature is low cost. You will miss stuff that are only compatible with Windows. I can work around a lot of those limitations with Wine (windows emulator) but it’s not perfect. I keep an old Surface Pro around for when I need a Windows system. I also have a Win10 VM but I almost never fire it up.

As far as distribution choices go the difference is not dramatic. I’d recommend an Ubuntu variant simply because it is very easy to Google for solutions to the problems you Inevitably will encounter. Don’t use Gentoo. :wink:

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