LOL at internet rumors

So, there are rumors Vaki is going to BYU. Does this have any legs or is this another Covey Hansen situation?

I can’t imagine a football reason for him to do that. If he does, it would have to be some sort of personal or family reason.

Hearing it’s about money.

But then there is this:

Seems to be the usual Cougarboard wishful thinking, but who knows in the NIL era. Maybe someone down there threw a bag at him.

Would be a weird move given what Utah’s poised to do next year, but different kids want different things. :man_shrugging:


BYU NIL deals are cheaper than 1st dates down there


Buy one, get one free from Swig.


Some troll thought it would be funny to retweet one of Vaki’s very old tweets from a Byu recruiting visit during his HS days. And the minions took it from there. That’s it.


So it is a covey Hansen type deal.


So if we say pigs fly, and have a picture of a flying pig, and Bryson Barnes is a pig farmer; then we get to say Bryson’s job on the pig farm was to corral the flying pig and it’s true. :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:


The troubling thing is that your statement sounds true.

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Twitter is lighting up again with foul whispers of Vaki leaving.

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That would be a punch in the gut

This seems to be the post that has everyone worked up (I have no idea who this person is).

It’s clear he has been looking for the best possible NIL deal for a while, so he could be a real risk to leave. The thing about Byu being in the mix was an apparent joke/troll job that took off. That said… crazier things have happened.


If he gets a better NIL deal, it will not be in Provo. But if he can leverage it somewhere else, kudos. I think he has shown his athleticism, he says he prefers Safety, and Utah has a pretty good track record of getting these positions into the NFL. Hopefully the Collective can put something together suitable to him and these are just trolls trolling. Of course everyone wants him!

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The rumor makes me cringe because of course there could be some validity to it but I don’t see why Vaki would go to BYU. I wouldn’t be surprised if a bigger, more successful program picked him up though. These are just the times we’re living in.

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One of the “in the know” guys on the other site says that multiple programs (including BYU) are throwing a bag at him. Will be interesting to see what happens.

Buyer beware - do not trust a sack BYU is throwing at you. It will not be what you think it is.


You can do that without being in the portal? It truly is the wild, wild west.