Logo at top Left

Note to webmaster. I wonder if I am the only one not seeing the logo at the top right of the message board ribbon. I am just seeing that icon when a picture doesn’t load. FYI



Same, probably for a week or two.

Interestingly it shows up as soon as I move the scroll bar down a little.


Speaking of site issues, I don’t think the tweet embedding thing ever got fixed (still works fine on other sites, so this one’s probably not on Elon). But maybe that’s a sign just to stop going to twitter, what a train wreck.

Same Same


You guys just don’t understand postmodern message board design. :wink:

It’s being fixed.


Thanks @LAUte. I didn’t want to be annoying about this, just wanted to let you know. Obviously, not a big deal at all.

You’re not annoying. @RockerUte Rocker sets the standard for being annoying, and you’re not even close.