Local Art and Artists

I’m starting a new thread on the topic of Local Art and Artists in the hope of sharing a little about some of the art I have purchased over the years, and wondering what artists members of the board are aware, and value.

Robert McFarland is a local Utah Artist, I think from the Cache Valley, who has family history in the Bear Lake, (where I have an old farmhouse I’m working to restore). As members of a Catholic Parish that has an annual art sale as a fundraiser, my wife and I have been purchasing art from local artists for about 20 years, and among others, have purchased a couple of Robert’s works.

I’ve included a link to his Facebook page, as well as one of his works from Sanpete County which I know some members will find of particular interest. I’ve also included a photo of one of his paintings which I own, of an old home in Bear Lake County (that I tried unsuccessfully to purchase before it was razed - the following year at the annual art sale, I found that Robert had paint a picture of the home before it was torn down and bought the painting immediately).

If you have any particular interests in local art or recommendations for local artists, please share them here.

Nice stuff. Lovely palate.

Gorgeous work!

As the Museum of Natural History has Native American Artists participating in their Native American Art exhibition this month, I found this piece on my trip to four corners. It is a sand painting created by a Diné artist from Shiprock, NM.

The picture doesn’t do it Justice.

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Wow! That’s beautiful, and very impressive for the difficulty of the art form!!

They never do :slight_smile:

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