Lloyd #27 to the Jags!

I was hoping the Seahawks would pick him up in the top 10, but at least he went first round!

Congrats Lloyd. Go make some noise in Jacksonville!

Good luck to him. That org had issues. City is fine (have an aunt and uncle there). But he can shine and hopefully get his 2nd contract somewhere else.


Major Congratulations to Lloyd, I expect him to be a significant contributor and definitely starting by teh end of the season. Solid player


Not my 1st choice of locations for him. I would have preferred either the Cowboys or the Ravens. Perhaps he can help add some semblance of stability to the Jags. Good luck to Lloyd, hope he does great.

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Lloyd will have success wherever he plays. It would’ve been nice to see him not end up in a dumpster fire. By the same token, I can also see him getting All Pro while the team smolders a bit.

J-Ville is a team with a lot of hurt. I believe he can help them improve.

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