Little BYU boy in for the Jets

I hope he doesn’t break anything.

Maybe some cougar’s heart. :wink:


Double entendre?


In his case a triple entendre.


Throw Rogan is just Farve 2.0.

Also, he has to play 70% of the season for Packers to get 1st round pick.


Good job, Zach.

Maybe we should show some respect to the big brother of the future Ute QB. He advised him to go to the U.

He was also a Ute fan growing up, and it wasn’t his fault the U didn’t offer him (do we blame that one on Tuttle?).


Yes, we blame that one on Tuttle. haha

I don’t know why Ute fans are still going after ZW. I don’t think he ever did anything annoying, it was probably just the over-the-top hero worship he got from byu fans (AKA the Jimmer treatment).

Hopefully Isaac has a great career at the U.


Probably more ZW’s mom and perhaps some of his dating practices. Or struggling as a high pick. But seriously, who can succeed on the Jets? And it’s hard going to the pros anyway. He didn’t win over anyone when he blamed others instead of taking some responsibility, but he seems to have learned some professionalism from Aaron.


I’m no Stephen A Smith fan, but he did make a solid point about ZW. Last season when he went out injured his some of his teammates were happy about it. I thought it was proof positive of a bad team culture. The truth is the acquisition of Aaron seems to have changed things there. ZW seems to have learned from his personal experience and from Aaron. It wasn’t pretty, but they did get a win, and his numbers were a lot better than they were last year.

We will see as the NFL season unfolds, but one thing is for certain - he seems to have gotten off the path of Johnny Manziel.

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I think the record for double/triple entendre’s would be broken if Oregon State ever played South Carolina.


Especially if somehow the outcome resulted in playing USC.

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True. But, it was his fault that he signed with BYU.