I wanted to post this in a new thread, rather than in the “what are we watching” thread, and if I the mods think I have miscategorized, you can certainly change it.

I watched the ESPN produced documentary “Listen” yesterday and even this morning I am emotionally devastated from watching it.

The interview with the perpetrator’s parole officer, and, the interview with the Deputy AG, in particular, were heartbreaking and devastating. They both were torn up by the mistakes by the system, and how devastated they felt being part of that system. On the other hand, the interview with the policeman who had first contact was a shining beacon of ineptitude.

The documentary did a good job of demonstrating the timeline, and showed in the clear light of day the outrageous number of times a ball was dropped that would have saved her.

I am sure @Diehard_Ute can shed light on how all these agencies are supposed to talk to each other, if what happened to Lauren was typical of the communication, and if any part of that system is still in place.

My god, what a true and utter horror the whole thing was.

And as a final footnote, there is Sean Reyes, getting his 5 minutes, when his appearance adds nothing in the way the story is told. I assume from the way that people talk about him on this board, that he is a media hog, and when he found out a documentary was being made, he just had to get some camera time.