Lindy Ruff returns to the Sabres

Interesting to see Pegula go to our old coach.
I know the chances of returning to the level of play during those stellar seasons in the mid-00s are slim, but Sabres fans have all their fingers crossed.

As a Stars fan —now a Utah Golden Eagles/Yeti/Blizzard/Whatever fan— I’ll never forget the day Lindy Ruff lost his mind. June 19,1999. Stars defeated Sabres in game 6 for the Cup in 3OT on a controversial goal by Brett Hull. Was like 1 in the morning but totally worth it.

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Somebody has to do it. :wink:

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Stars = dead to me after leaving Minneapolis. (Yes still)


Well Brett Hull is a giant douchebarge

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As Buffalo resides squarely in the “Bermuda Triangle of Sports” they could have three lines of NHL All Stars and the League’s best goalie and they will still not win Lord Stanley’s Cup…or the Lombardi Trophy.

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You are probably correct. And, I think I like it that way.

As a Devils fan…you’re welcome. This year has been a major disappointment after last year.