Life happens, coffee helps

Black coffee. Dark roast. Used to care a lot more about which roast, beans, etc. Went to the fanciest coffee shops. Still go to those sometimes, but generally, just go where the baristas treat me well and I’m generally left alone. I take my coffee black. Don’t complicate anything. No mocha this, skinny that, soy this. I feel like some people want a coffee-flavored drink, which inevitably holds up the line and takes forever to make.

I will say…Starbucks does this apple cider with caramel and cream in it that is just to die for. Their coffee? Not my favorite. I get their pike place roast if I get anything. Everything tastes burnt there…too strong. Their cold brew is just awful. Their blended drinks are tasty but why not just go get a milkshake somewhere instead?

There are quite a few good coffee places in SLC. Lots of coffee shops. Lots of terrible coffee places too. Never go to Coffee Noir. Service is mediocre at best and the coffee is so bad. I went there today and I’m never going back. Publik is pretty good, she has a good operation. The Rose Establishment is fine but I feel like you need a jean jacket and a beanie to go in there, maybe even a copy of the New York Times. Erica, the owner, doesn’t do wifi in the hipster move of the century. I only go there with the most woke of my friends. Coffee is decent. Wayyy too pretentious. Cafe D’Bolla is hilarious to me. I know that guy fairly well. He is…different. He forces you to drink his coffee his way. It’s a coercive coffee operation. It’s almost like he threatens you or something. It’s fine, but I think its more about the novelty. Maybe I’m just not sophisticated enough. The guys who post on cougarstadium while they drink their morning joe could probably educate me on this stuff. You know, the guys who teach at BYU! Blue Copper is another hipster coffee shop. It’s fine. I like the Coffee Garden. Middle of the road. Good service. Excellent pastries/baked goods.

There are many shops. I’ve been to probably the majority of the ones downtown. Never go to coffee break unless you’re getting a hummus bagel. My friend Ryan calls it a “training bar”. He’s right. There are a ton of bad places. I guess it depends on what you want. I like it to be simple, and I like good, friendly service. If I’m going to tip I want to feel like the barista is making an effort to be nice.

I know this all begs the question, do you make coffee at home? I don’t mind it. I do like the social aspect of going out with certain friends. I have friends who work at these establishments as well, so there’s that. I like the ritual. I’m a ritualistic guy. Sometimes going out is just part of the experience.

I like this post a lot. I don’t mind coffee, but have never really gotten into it. If I’m gonna get a 400+ calorie coffee…well, there is other things I’d rather burn 400 calories on. I don’t make it at home because I get up 20 mins before I leave to work and leave. BUT, I’m switching up my work a bit here in January and instead of leaving at 7am and getting home at 6, I’ll be leaving at 9 and getting home at 4:30 (I freaking can’t wait). So, I get 2.5 more hours every morning…maybe it’s time for coffee.

I’d love to know what black coffee’s people enjoy that they make at home. A good coffee just hits the soul right. And having all that extra time in the mornings…I think I’ll find time for a nice warm drink.

If the coffee is siphoned rather than brewed, it does not qualify as a hot drink against the Word of Wisdom. Not that I care, I make my own rules; but for other members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who do not feel comfortable making their own rules, but want to drink coffee, this is how to do it.

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I transitioned to Keurig from a pot several years back. Drink any number of blends and flavors black. Since my newest machine will do espresso-cappuccino, I will make myself a treat in the morning, with a dusting of cinnamon.

Good times.

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Lol, I wouldn’t know enough about coffee to know the difference between siphoned and brewed… I’m assuming there is a reference in there that makes what you said funny.

What kills me is the guys that refuse to drink tea or coffee but guzzle soda and energy drinks like nobody’s business.


Coffee at home, Italian Roast. I can’t think of a sit down coffee shop in Eden. Besides, I’m not usually out of my pajamas until 10:00.
We don’t use a fancy maker, just a drip. We did pull out the french press when we had no power after the wind storm.

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I purchase fresh roasted small batch beans from a local roaster who only sells fair trade organic beans. He delivers them to my house. I have a nice espresso setup and make americanos every morning. Life can’t get much better! Good coffee truly is the elixir of the gods. Plus I really enjoy the process of grinding and tamping the beans. Sometime its the little things that get you through the day.

At home, yes mostly out of necessity/convenience these days.

The more I’ve grown to appreciate really good coffee over the years, the less I want to dilute it with a lot of sugar/flavor, cream etc. Those work for masking bad coffee.

On the roast, I know a lot of purists will tell you dark roasts suck because they burn the beans to where you can’t taste their true essence. But I don’t care, for me the darker the roast the better.


A major advantage of being a home coffee guy is that, as we proved tonight, you can use a coffee filter to take out all the cork fragments should the cork break while opening a bottle of wine.


Damn, dusting of cinnamon? You just won me over.

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It’s a thing in Europe with cappuccinos. I never drink them but it looks good. I’m not the sophisticated coffee drinker I once was. Dark roast drip coffee nothing in it. Simple like literally nothing else in my life. This thread leaves me feeling inspired to change my routine for some reason, although I don’t dare add calories!

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Best drip coffee hands down is “Black Rifle Coffee” out of SLC. I order it on line from them and buy their 5lb bag and get free shipping. It last almost 2 months for me. Even my wife who is ultra picky about coffee and rarely deviated from her Nespresso is hooked on it. Little pricey but worth it. They also give a nice recurring military discount if are a veteran.

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They’re good, although they’re no longer a Utah company. They have a large presence here but they moved their headquarters to Texas a couple years ago.

Whatever you do, don’t go to Bjorn’s drive thru coffee stand on Foothill, who buys beans from a gourmet roaster that wholesales in Salt Lake and is solid. You’ll make the line longer.

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This came up on a search I did today. Thought it was interesting. More a caffeine than a coffee article though…

Caffeine Addiction

If I don’t have my coffee, I can’t do my stuff.

Tomorrow my stuff is getting my new garage cabinet installed and get my tools put into them…from being stored all over the inside of the garage.

Tomorrow my coffee will be copi luac, the most expensive coffee in the world.

Ok, it will be Sumatra Blend sans the civets “passage.” I don’t drink ■■■■. :wink:

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