Let's go Minnesota!

They didn’t get the death penalty, and that’s part of the problem. A large part of the punishment they did receive was rescinded when the NCAA cowered to the state. They were back in national championship conversations a few short years later. Meanwhile, USC had never fully recovered from the stiffer sanctions they received due to Reggie Bush being too dumb to pay back the gangster that let him live in a house rent free TWO hours from campus. Screw the NCAA, and screw PSU.

It actually works to Alabama’s favor that they don’t have to play in the SEC championship game. That’s a game they can’t lose because they don’t have to play it. They have Miss St, Western Carolina, and Auburn left. Auburn would be the only threat. So they are sitting pretty right now. They are in as the 4 seed and don’t have to worry about a loss (probably).

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Lol. People are so worried about Alabama when all they need is their team to win out. The only reason Bama got in when they didn’t win the West was because other teams didn’t handle their business.

I do know, however, many teams would rather see the other 1 loss teams instead of Alabama for a reason. That said, send us to the Sugar Bowl and let us moterboat Baylor and have a year off from hearing people complaining would be fine with me.


Careful what you wish for. I remember a time when Alabama was “relegated” to the Sugar Bowl and got boatraced themselves.


Meh. Big difference in this team and the team in their second year under Nick Saban. That said, I’d love to lose in the Sugar Bowl and turn around a win the next 5 of 9 title games.

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That’s exactly what they thought they would do to us…
Is Bama - at a time - so good that it shall always be?
They look like another talented team with human foibles, not entirely tested. Like Clemson…

I believe his parents were living in the house, not him.

Difference is some of the Alabama fans and Nick Saban didn’t take Utes lightly. Utah was a great team then. Baylor is no better than the Michigan State team Alabama played after the Rose Bowl/BCS title game.

Also, if you have watched Baylor you would know they are not as good as their record shows.

I really don’t think this will happen. #4 in the AP poll means nothing. The Tuesday CFP rankings mean nothing. What matters is what the committee does at the end of it all, and they aren’t going to put Bama in there unless the Pac-12, Big-12, and/or Clemson really screw up.

Yeah. I know college chaos happens but it does feel like teams will handle their business and Bama will be left out. I’m ok with Alabama living in a world with zero margin for error unlike other schools.

I don’t think that’s an historically accurate description of Alabama, though. Certainly no margin for error this year, but they’ve been allowed a few mulligans in the past.

In general, it’s an unforgiving system. You have to be 13-0 or 12-1 most seasons to make the playoff. One loss can keep anyone out of a conference championship game, which can keep anyone out of the playoff. One scheduling mistake - in a sport where schedules are somewhat random and are made 10 years in advance - can doom a team’s chances. Maybe Utah’s OOC schedule is too soft to get us in this season; maybe Oregon’s decision to schedule Auburn burns them.

At least you can take comfort in knowing that you’ve been to the playoffs many times and that you’ll be back again many times. Utah could come close this season and then never sniff the playoff again.

Which are the most suspect…?

I think you are right. We recovered in the one loss years against Ole Miss and won the Conference. Only the 9-6 LSU year in 2011 and UGA year where Auburn beat us late did we need a little help. I do think having Duke instead of a bigger name hurts us and made the need to run the table in this year.

Big whoop.

The CFP Board might want to get their drink on early because it won’t be getting any easier next week.

We just need to keep winning. Whether we get into the CFP or not, only winning will keep the pressure on to build a better system. It’s either that or they will need to replace the entire CFP board due to severe alcohol poisoning.