Let's give Southern Cal a Proper Send-off - Friday, Dec 2nd - Game Thread


USC looks better having not had to play Oregon or UW. Of course, we didn’t play UW either.

It’ll just come down to execution as both offenses can score (most of the time) but our defense has the edge. If we can stay neutral on special teams and neutral or better on turnovers, we should be fine. We also can’t have one of those high yards but low points games. We have to convert in the red zone and get ~1 pt for every 10 yards.

Let’s go Rising, Kincaid, Bernard, JJ, Vele (probably will pull their top CB who is pretty good), Yassmin, Money, Cope, Glover … CPIII, Bishop, …


There’s three keys, imo.

  1. Limit the turnovers. USCs defense might not be great, but they are a turnover-forcing machine. Have to make good decisions.
  2. Score in the red zone. We absolutely cannot afford to come up empty.
  3. Rising. We will go as Cam goes. We need first USC game Cam and not Oregon Cam.

I think Utah can win, but it will take an outstanding effort on both sides of the ball. If we shoot ourselves in the foot, it could get ugly.


I’m still not sure what to make of UW to be honest.

Their OOC was terrible, they never left the pacific time zone, and they really only had one dominant game (Colorado)

I really don’t understand why everyone is in love with them


Ah, glad to see U$C fans are as predictable as always.


As far as going as Rising goes, I like what Whitt said today. “We are a running team”. I think we lost Thomas and leaned too hard into Rising. If we can run the ball and control the game we win. Then you sprinkle in some timely throws from Cam and we win and look good doing it.

But asking Cam to carry us, I don’t think that is what we are or plays to his strengths. We gotta run the ball and let the OL and D carry us. Good, old school Utah football.


Can I blame USU for U$C?

Had Blake Anderson not done a 180 with the Aggies using the portal, would Lincoln Riley and others even tried?

Just sayin’

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We’ve got to have a snap or 3 for Nate Johnson in this game, right? Ludwig needs to make the chess match count. Or shoot, put Barnes in (Rising fake a tweaked knee only to return and get a 15 yard run when they only respect the pass) and let him run. He had 2 great runs at CU.


I don’t disagree, but he has to be able to make some plays through the air in order to keep the defense honest. If he has another “off” game and USC can just stack the box, we’re in for a long night.

Utah Football just posted these P12 ranks for us. That’s…pretty good. :slight_smile:

TDs - 1st

Defensive TDs - 1st

Yards Allowed - 1st

Pass Yards Allowed - 1st

Rush Yards Allowed - 1st

Rushing TDs - 1st

Rush Yards - 2nd

Points Allowed - 2nd

Sacks - 2nd

Fumbles Recovered - 2nd

Points Scored - 3rd


Someone put $900K+ down on USC.


Will CPIII play? Did anyone hear a reason he didn’t play against the Buffs? Someone tweeted that he dressed and warmed up before the game, but then spent the game in street clothes on the sideline during the game.

I’m hoping Kincaid will go. He’s dinged up, but seems like a warrior who will play hurt for a championship.

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That thread read like an echo chamber. Would’ve sworn just a few short years ago U$C would’ve fallen all over themselves to get Whit.

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Phillips is nursing an injury. Kyle is hopeful he can play.

Kincaid sounded like more of a sure bet based on todays presser.


Tough choices for U$C fans:


Phillips was in street clothes on the sideline the whole time.

It looked at the game like Kinkaid was ok later on.

I want to buy whoever made this a beer.

The Covey bit literally made me LOL.


Am I missing something? Isn’t that one loss on USC’s record a result of losing to, I can’t remember the team, maybe it was UTAH???

Has USC improved since that game? Have we gotten worse?

I just don’t understand why we are such an underdog. Maybe I AM missing something.


I’m under the impression that many of their “fans” are reverting to form on arrogance and whatnot. All without substance, at least if and until they win a national championship again. Until that time, they’re BYU fans in So Cal, living in the past.


Arguably, yes. While their defense is still suspect (see UCLA), their offense has looked quite unstoppable.

Unsure. Rising’s been up and down, we don’t know if Kincaid is 100%, Phillips’ status is unsure, Tavion bolted, etc. If we come with an effort like we did in Oregon, we’re gonna get thumped. I don’t know how much you can take away from dominating terrible teams like Stanford and Colorado.

I don’t know that we’re necessarily worse, but it’d be hard to argue that we’re demonstratably better than last time we played USC.

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I’m hoping for a good showing (no program-damaging rout) and that maybe the Utes can catch lightning in a bottle and win.